In 2018, Ajou Vision 4.0, a 10-year development plan, was announced under the slogan "Change Society with Connecting Minds" to drive changes in the new era represented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Beyond simple learning, the development of higher education has transformed into training-teaching- learning process, which nurtures talent that creates value. Therefore, Ajou university defined its vision 1.0-3.0 in line with the transformation of higher education and entitled the new vision 4.0.

The Vision sets out 5 strategies for comprehensive innovation in education and research, industry-academia cooperation, and campus culture, etc. The University is making all-out efforts to provide education focused on improving overall student capabilities rather than simply expanding knowledge, to conduct research capitalizing on institutional specialties, to create values shared in society, and to strengthen global competitiveness.

Ajou Vision 4.0 5 Strategies

  • Strategy 1: Establishing a foundation for Connecting Minds and spreading its culture
  • Strategy 2: Self-directed Hi-interactive educational innovation
  • Strategy 3: Building a High Impact Research Hub
  • Strategy 4: Creating an ecosystem for industry-academia cooperative innovation
  • Strategy 5: Creating shared value & an open campus


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