Dual Degree Program 

Ajou University’s Dual Degree is designed to nurture students with global competency in various disciplines. Students will discover not only high caliber faculty members and first-class education, but also a supportive and collaborative learning environment while pursuing a dual degree at Ajou University.

Students spend 2 Years at Home Institution + 2 Years at Ajou University and receive two diplomas from both home and host (Ajou) universities.


Available Major 

Business Administration (courses are offered in English)

- Applicants should be foreign nationals
- Applicants must have completed or will have completed at least 2 years or 4 semesters (2 semesters a year, excluding summer and winter terms) at a sister university of Ajou and have obtained 50% of the graduation requirement credits of the home universities
- Applicants who are recommended by Ajou’s sister university that has signed a dual degree agreement with Ajou University
- A Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) of B or higher on all courses from the home university is required
- Applicants whose Official English Proficiency Test Score is above the standard TOEFL IBT 80 (CBT 213, PBT 550), TEPS 556, IELTS 6.5 or other English proficiency score correspondent to the requirement. (CET, European Language Level, etc.)

  ※ Only the official test score obtained within two years from the application submission can be accepted

Approximately KRW 3,500,000 (Approx. USD 3,400) per semester 

DDP Scholarship for the first semester varies from 30% to 100% tuition waiver according to the applicants’ English proficiency and academic records from the home universities.  From the 2nd semester, DDP scholarship is determined according to the students’ academic performance from the previous semester (also varies from 30-50% tuition waiver)

How to Apply 
Dual Degree Program Applicants: Please contact your home coordinator for required documents
Dual Degree Partnership: Please contact Ajou University DDP coordinator at admission@ajou.ac.kr /ddp@ajou.ac.kr

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